How to Use Custom Magnets for Home Décor (A Simple Guide)

Decal on a toaster

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to use magnets for FUN & FUNCTIONAL home décor!

There are a ton of overlooked magnet opportunities around the home. In fact, most people don’t think past refrigerator magnets.

In this simple guide you’ll find out how you can easily use custom magnets to:

  • Keep basic food inventories for the freezer
  • Replace common household paper items
  • Add home accents to the home gym and man-cave
  • Add cute, but practical touches to the laundry room


Chapter #1:

How Magnets Can Keep Inventory of the Basement Freezer (and Help Rescue Last Fall’s Venison Chili)

Basement freezer

Maybe your kitchen fridge is bedazzled with enough magnetic force to alter the poles, good for you, but lots of people have completely spaced on their lonely basement freezer.

Sure, it contains some ancient leftover venison chili that, “will probably get eaten once the snow flies again” but, in reality, will just get forgotten about and ultimately fed to the garbage can.

Don’t neglect this second-favorite freezer! Without a doubt, that chili could've been gobbled up weeks ago, if  only you had kept a record of the freezer  contents on a dry erase magnet. Or at the very least had ordered a custom photo magnet of you and the 6-pointer, Fred.

So let everyone know exactly what delicacies remain in the frozen section of your home—before you go shopping—with a dry erase board magnet.

Chapter #2:

How Adding Magnetic Motivation to Your Home Gym Equipment Can Get You More Reps

Workout magnet

A lot of home gyms wind up in the basement, and we all know that basements can be cozy or dingy—or a mixture of both. So, decorate your subterranean workout haven with motivational magnets or sports related magnets. You can easily slap them onto strength training equipment or free-weights.

A little motivation goes a long way! Adding much needed encouragement or focusing on a favorite workout quote can totally get you one more rep. PUSH! PUSH! PUSH!

Chapter #3:

How to Use Magnets to Beef Up the Beer Fridge and Enhance Your Man-cave

Beer Fridge

The same rules apply to the beer fridge as they do to the fridge in the kitchen and the basement freezer. Whether your beer fridge lives in the shop, garage, or man-cave, you can be a little more adult in your magnet selections.

For example, design some hockey fight magnets or order beer logo magnets to emphasize your favorite sports, beverages and relaxation activities. Be the host with the most for the season and hand out football shaped magnets to Super Bowl party guests or pass out hockey stick magnets at your Stanley Cup party.

Make sure you incorporate a sports schedule magnet into the sea of brew logos so you never miss a Fantasy (or reality) game. Cheers, bro.

Bonus tip: You should also order some tailgate car magnets for The Next Big Game and cookout!

Chapter #4:

How Replacing Paper Items With Magnets Can Increase Your Productivity

Office cabinet magnet

Magnetic calendars have become very popular! They’re especially trendy in the kitchen; a space with endless opportunities to accidentally soak paper products like traditional calendars. Likewise, Dry erase board magnets are a godsend for those on-the-go note jotters and chore chart champions.

Another common paper replacement is using Save the Date Magnets. Paper or cardstock invitations can easily be sullied with moisture or get lost between the kitchen counter and the fridge only to be rediscovered when you finally decide to replace that appliance.

Your office space is no different than the kitchen! I’m sure you’ve scribbled down important tid-bits on sticky notes and slapped it onto the office filing cabinet. There’s only one problem; the information was important enough for you to write down, yet the adhesive on a sticky note just isn’t as strong as magnetic force.

Magnetic material holds strong for a long time, plus most people are way less likely to just toss out a magnet, I mean, WHO does that? Keep your random info safe by writing it on a magnet!

Chapter: #5:

How to Easily Let Everyone Know if the Dishwasher is Clean or Dirty By Using a Magnet

Dishwasher magnet

We’ve all made the mistake of pouring our morning coffee into a grimy mug or adding a used red wine glass to a clean batch of dishes. Yuck! Your dishwasher really needs an indicator magnet to let everyone know if the dishes are clean or dirty.

What a simple concept, but it can often get overlooked. Our magnets are a great product, fully equipped with a water-resistant laminate, so if it gets splashed on, then you  just wipe off the moisture and skip along.

Dish rage is a real thing. Perhaps you’re hosting a family gathering and the guests are completely unaware of your dish habits. These indicator magnets can come in super handy in that case, too.

Chapter #6:

How to Get Practical Cuteness in Your Laundry Room with Magnets

Fold Me Baby Magnet

A wide variety of washers and dryers are still made from magnetic receptive metals. Spruce up the home décor with cute die-cut magnets of fluffy animals! Or make some slightly off-kilter, but laundry related, phrases to help jazz up your sorting and folding spaces.

For example, an adorable, “Fold me, baby” magnet will firmly, but gently remind your kids that dinner ain’t free and they should probably fold some shirts to earn their keep. (Maybe).

You could also make some laundry indicator magnets that let everyone know which colors or items are about to be washed. You can create common sense categories such as:  darks, lights, delicates, people bedding, dog bedding, Lionel Toothy the adorable, but often gross, plush Saber -toothed Tiger, etc.

Laundry can be gross, so rest assured that your laundry room magnets can be CUTE and PRACTICAL!

Chapter #7 - Bonus:

How to Be Happy and Have Fun with Magnets!

Happy magnets

Magnets are iconic, can be ironic and they are certainly ionic! 

Let’s face it, everyone likes Magnets! They make excellent home decor and gift ideas. While most modern homes don’t have magnetic walls, and aren’t made of solid iron or steel materials, there are still many practical applications for magnets. 

If you do happen to live in a steel structure, (lucky you with the eternal siding) then you could totally add some  zany exterior wall decor magnets that reflect your fun and happy family!