5 Great Roll Label Uses

Delicious Rolls

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Decals.com Staff Writer

Dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, Tootsie Rolls, Rock & Roll—we all love our rolls. We also appreciate things that roll, like wheels and easy-going people. 

So, why wouldn’t we have many uses for roll labels?

Read on to learn some unique uses for colorful custom roll labels!

1. The Dread Communal Work Fridge 

I’m not accusing anyone of anything. However the mistake actually happens, we have all had a meal or two “accidentally” eaten by a coworker. It could’ve been a combination of low-blood sugar and mistaken lunchbox identity. Who knows. 

But wouldn’t it be nice to always eat your very own leftovers? Some food is just better a day or two later, like savory pot roast and Grandma’s chicken noodle soup. 

Avoid this potential mixup and a grumbling tummy, by using a custom label  on your tupperware. Boldly spell out your name, “property of” and maybe add an all encompassing “contains nuts” just to dissuade any further confusion.

If you're worried about someone stealing your Aquifina or Smart Waters, then create custom water bottle labels with your own designs. It's be difficult to mix those up.

2. No More Mystery Jars 

Need some emergency pickles for a rarely grilled yet well appreciated mid-January cheeseburger? I bet you’ve found yourself standing in the pantry wondering whether that canning jar contains pickles or okra? Not a mistake you want to make. If only you had taken the time to label your canning last Fall! 

Fool you once, shame on poor planning, but don’t be fooled for a second time. Create easy to peel and read custom roll labels. Let your pickles be pickles and okra be okra.

3. Accentuate Your Packaging

You are well aware that your product is one-of-a-kind, thoughtfully designed and created. Your special product deserves attractive packaging that will entice new customers to give your product a whirl. 

Whether you sell handcrafted  candles, soaps, or dark chocolate brownies, a beautiful label will enhance the buying experience.  Include your logo, contact info, product contents and any nutritional information.

4. Avoiding Lawsuits

Many supermarkets have probably found themselves sweating class action lawsuits for using incorrect food product labels. These labels either inaccurately described the ingredients, the measurements or forgot to include “contains tree nuts”. 

Grocery is one of the most heavily regulated industries. One great way to ensure prosperity though, is through proper and updated labeling. So, do some inventory, figure out what needs updating and get some roll labels!

5. Adorable Address Labels

Add an adorable touch to your Family Christmas Letters, High School Reunion Mailers or Wedding Thank You notes. Address labels carry important return information for the Post Office, but they can also be pretty! Books contain oodles of information and some have simply stunning covers. 

You could add some flowers, a decorative border, an American flag or a colorful pheasant. Make sure your letter gets opened by using an interesting address label.

Please share if this was helpful—and remember, you can always use pickled okra in chicken and sausage gumbo. Don't forget to order some coffee labels for your rolls, too. ;)