What Are Holographic Stickers? A Sparkly Little Guide

holographic diamond

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Decals.com Staff Writer

These iridescent stickers are thoroughbred-ly a “horse of their own color.” They’re truly pearlescent beauties, ever changing in the light! But have you ever wondered what they are exactly and how they can be used?

In this short guide, I’ve compiled some important and interesting information about holographic stickers. Read on to learn:

  • How to enhance your sticker marketing
  • How a lil’ bit of twinkle goes a long ways
  • The organic appeal of reflective, mermaid-esque stuff
  • How you can easily scintillate boring items


The Magic Within: How Holographic Stickers Work

Girl power holo sticker on phone

Like movies, the magic is all in the film. The secret to this sticker’s intrinsic appeal lies in the internal 6 millimeter rainbow film material. It is like the secret to being a super likable person; it’s on the inside what counts! The layflat liner, as it is technically known, reflects the light and that is what creates its notorious shimmer.

This effect enhances almost any design. Unique holo stickers create interest and even intrigue for product packaging, decorating and more.

How to Easily Get Chic Marketing with Iridescent Stickers

Holo product sticker

The whole point of their shimmery goodness is to generate interest in your product; holographic stickers are meant to be eye-catching — and to be eye-catching right away! The beauty of the rainbow interlay is that it isn't totally in-yo-face like some wavy-arm dude in a used car lot. (Though they can be very effective, too).

I mean, everyone has their own idea of how to market, but there are many ways to actually physically present your products. We’ve all seen what a typical brown Amazon box looks like, with the black swoosh-arrow and lowercase minimalistic font. That is an example of simple, yet effective branding. There is nothing wrong with that.

Custom holographic stickers, on the other hand, add just the right amount of sheen to create chic and super noticeable packaging. You can spruce up small boxes like makeup, or larger items such as garden equipment.  Bottom line: flashy things get more attention, good or bad, intended or not. Strategize and use this to your advantage.

How to Make Boring Objects Shiny and Therefore Better

Holo stickers on laptop and notebook

Let’s face it, some stuff is just boring, necessary, but boring; think of your accountant or your podiatrist. Important, but boring. So, think about all the mundane household, garage-bound or office things you can make better! The list is long, ain’t it? It’s okay, you no longer need to be surrounded by suffocating drab. Decorate the stuffing out of stuff with glowy, happy stickers.

Start with that plain black coffee mug, sad notebook, sterile laptop or predictable — aren’t they all — calendar. Now, figure out what die-cut or kiss-cut shimmering, stickers will work best to elevate you and your personality. Perhaps it is the dead of winter and you miss gardening, then create some pearlescent flower stickers. Make an adhesive garden.


Maybe you live in a tragic cubicle M-F 8-5pm (4:32 on Fridays). Gotta pay the bills, right? Welp, let it shine, the sun that is, off of your holo stickers. Cheer up your desk while simultaneously blinding the interns. Those pencil stealing, cold coffee wielding pricks had it coming. Except for Jane, she’s alright. Maybe give her a sticker?

It’s totally up to you, but the point is that you can change your outlook with a tiny bit of holographic sticker decorating!

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