17 Cool Benefits of Sticker Sheets

Baking sheet wit chocolate chip decal cookies on it.

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Decals.com Staff Writer

Great things come on sheets, like delicious cookies, and even vinyl stickers!

Custom sticker sheets are advantageous to just about any artsy project. And that is why I have whipped up this list of cool benefits. 

Let’s get cookng!

1. Peaceful, easy-peeling

Peeling stickers is not rocket science. I’ve checked with NASA. But after peeling multiple stickers, you may begin exhibiting the early stages of arthritis. 

Sticker sheets are designed for effortless peeling which can also be very Zen. You have more to worry about than stiff joints: inflation, not inflammation. 

2. Versatility

Simple shape stickers on sheets are beneficial because they’re optimized for space, and also come in many different shapes.

3. Practical surplus

Running out of stickers mid-project is terrible! You can easily order sticker sheets in bulk to avoid that problem. 

4. Super storability

For good reasons drawers are rectangular and not circular: office materials are almost all rectangles.

Simply paper clip sticker sheets together and slip them into a desk drawer or folder until they are needed again. 

5. Perfect fit for QR codes

Circle stickers and square stickers are optimal for QR codes.  Order a bunch of promotional QR code stickers on sheets to hand out in a jiffy!

6. Product labels & hang tags

Rectangle stickers are a no-brainer for efficient product labeling or for hang tags. 

7. Great for logos

Many different shaped logos can all be beautifully hosted on square stickers. Sharp angles will emphasize your little logo. 

8. Spread branding (like hot butter)

Quickly spread your brand images and reputation with mobile sticker advertising. 

9. Stay relevant 

Sticker marketing is trendy. People will think you’re a dinosaur if you DON’T use stickers, so use a lot of them. 

10. Get word of mouth advertising

“Hey, did you see those awesome pizza shaped stickers with that QR discount code used as a pepperoni?”

“Yes! I got one at the parade last weekend! What a great sticker idea and sweet deal on pizza! I’m going to tell everyone I know about Angie's American Pies!”

11. Perfect for primary school classrooms

I think school districts must hold stock in gold star stickers. Teachers definitely need oodles of these stick sheets for their star pupils and to entice their unfocused ones, too.

"Hey, Tommy,  eyes on your own paper!”

12. Cheap kids gifts that don’t need tech

Sheet stickers make excellent stocking stuffers Kids love stickers and are pretty good at generating fun uses for them—uses that don’t require the internet.

Chore chart maintenance

Use stickers to easily mark a finished chore, a poorly executed one or an immaculate bathroom cleaning job. 

13. Immediate sale stickering

Anyone that’s ever worked retail knows that signing for a sale can be beyond monotonous.  

For upcoming sales, pre-order sales stickers on sheets. Floor employees will appreciate it, and you can guarantee low employee turnover through one more Black Friday! 

15. Roommate reminders

Reminding a roommate to tidy up can be a real… chore. Do it quickly and often with some stickers. 

Print them with text or just shaped like toilets or dishes.  Unlike sticky notes, they won’t have to decipher your hieroglyphic handwriting. 

16. Garage sale planning

Organizing stuff for garage sales is messy. Easily throw items into categories without making physical piles!

Instead of “keep”, “maybe sell '' and “sell” just slap color-coordinated stickers on your items. When it comes time to open the sale, you’ll be able to  easily assemble your items on the tables.

17. Avoid double-feeding your dog

Has Spike had unexplained weight gain? He may be sneaking cat food, or you and your spouse might just be double feeding him. There’s a 50/50 chance either way. 

Use stickers to clearly identify if someone has already fed the dog. Bubba may not thank you, but his arteries will! 

Please share this article if you found it useful! Happy stickering!