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The Benefits of Custom Sticker Sheets

Delicious Sticker Sheet

By Naomi J. Golbeck, Decals.com Staff


There are definite benefits to sheets. Baking sheets make delicious cookies, bed sheets keep us cozy even if that fitted one is a pain in the you-know-where to fold. Sheet metal stores grain and corn, it also creates wind-blocks for livestock and repairs roofs and siding. Sheet music makes some darn good Rock.

Versatile and efficiency driven, Sticker sheets also have their special assets to give unto the world. 

Whether gloss or matte finish, vinyl stickers are great for work or play, but if you’ve got a looming project, and need a gaggle of those little guys, then ordering them on sheets is the way to roll! We do offer single sheets, but the more sheets you order, the more moola you save. When it comes to sticker printing, ordering in bulk can be very advantageous.


Peaceful, Easy-Peeling

Peeling a sticker is not rocket science. We’ve checked with NASA. It's a provable fact. But after about the 28th sticker, your fingers may start to exhibit the early stages of arthritis. 

Fortunately, our aerodynamic, ergonomic sticker sheets are designed for near effortless peeling. Our specialists worked hard to make them a pain free peeling experience, because you’ve got bigger fish to fry than crushing finger ailments—inflation, not inflammation. So, peel it easy with our sheets!


Kiss Cut & Many Shapes

Technically speaking, all of our sticker-sheets are kiss cut. We offer several basic shaped stickers to choose from: oval, circle, square and rectangle. Simple shapes are beneficial because they’re optimized for space.

Circle and square stickers are optimal for QR codes and rectangle stickers are a no-brainer for product labeling or hang tags. You can also order custom shaped stickers on sheets.


Ain’t That Practical

One of these days, or nights, you may find yourself with multiple sticker sheets. Not to worry, they stack and store almost as easily as they peel and at least you won’t be lonely. Stickers are great listeners. 

There is a reason drawers are rectangular and not circular. Office materials, like paper, books, folders, are all rectangles. Simply paper clip them together and slip the sheets in a desk drawer or folder until they are needed again. 

If you need multiple designs printed, simply upload the designs one at a time. And if you need help, contact one of our friendly and sage-like customer service people.

ner,”Hey Jerry, I’m trying to design a creative logo that I’m gonna tattoo on my chickens. Any thoughts?”



Like a kitty in a sunny window, or a largemouth bass trolling under the lily pads, sticker sheets have their special places, too. The benefits of sticker sheets far outweigh the risks, because by their nature, stickers just aren’t risky. Life is hard enough, revel in the comfort of no-risk stickers, conveniently set on sheets, easily storable, keeping you company—without judgment.