How to Use Political Stickers: A Classic Guide

Vote for me chalkboard

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

Political ads are worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. Let’s face it, ads in general are predictable, empty nonsense. Most people just tune them out.

But that can be a real problem if you care about your community and you’re running for office!

I’ve put together this helpful guide to show you exactly how to use political stickers to keep the campaign trail classy.

Read on to learn about:

  • Using stickers for broad reaching, impactful, messaging. 
  • Effective bumper sticker use.
  • The ROI benefit of giving out free stickers.


Chapter #1: How low tech can (really) work in a digital world

Stickers on a printing press

You're constantly bombarded with digital marketing—whether you participate in any of it or not. 

So, how do you compete with this political marketing behemoth? 

You use low tech solutions. 

Political stickers are an excellent alternative to constantly managing digital ads and committing to spendy television or radio spots. Plus, print can reach anyone that can read and also apply a decal! 

That is a HUGE demographic. 

Stickers are just a tiny form of print advertising anyway. The print industry has been around a long, long time, and It is pretty basic to utilize, too. 

From primitive cave paintings to Biblical scrolls, we can tell that print definitely isn’t dead and isn’t leaving us anytime soon.

Chapter #2: How small shape stickers can help your campaign in a big way

Shape stickers for voting

Words are powerful tools. 

Sometimes the fewer you use, the more impactful your statement becomes. And concise messages fit perfectly on basic shaped stickers. Shape stickers are tried and true for simple, direct messaging, and are also easy to pass out.

They’re conveniently offered as singles or on sticker sheets. You can order in bulk (at a discount) and benefit from easy sticker peeling and stacking when not in use. Sticker sheets host the usual suspect shapes, like: square, circle, oval and rectangle, but you can also order die-cut or custom shapes.

Let’s examine some benefits to a few of these shape stickers

  • Square stickers are great for sharing QR codes and logos. Round logos are emphasized by contrasting angular shapes like squares and rectangles.
  • Circle stickers are an ideal medium for short messages, so you can easily repurpose them for campaign ads and slogans. These petite stickers can be put onto water bottles and other political merchandise. There’s a reason “I Voted” stickers are circular. Think about it!
  • Custom shape or die-cut stickers add individuality to sticker marketing. Elephant or donkey shapes plainly display your modern political allegiances. You could also print state outline stickers for your campaign or any other creative idea you’ve been thinking about.

Smaller stickers can easily spread your spark and values to help you win that campaign!

Chapter #3: How to get more votes from giving away free stickers

Free voting stickers

Free swag entices everyone. I don’t care who you are. When was the last time you turned down a free sticker, magnet or decal? You might as well toss out the complimentary bank candy, too! 

Stickers are just a microcosm of this social equity exchange. When people give stuff away, the return on their investment is usually pretty great.

We all feel a sense of “giving back” or “paying it forward” when someone altruistically does something for us, even if it is as simple as opening a door—or offering a free adhesive product.

Investing in some freebie stickers in exchange for votes, support and word of mouth marketing is smart. You can pass out your free stickers at election primaries, fundraising events or just on the curbside, but be sure to mind local campaign regulations. 

Chapter #4: How custom bumper stickers can get you noticed (for the right reasons)

You can attract more flies with honey sticker

Funny political bumper stickers don’t have to be mean. 

After all, humor only works if everyone is in on it. It is also widely known that, “you can attract more flies with honey.”

Or as I like to say, “sugar is addictive, so sweeten up the marketing.” 

It’s easy to lean cynical in a world where mean bumper stickers have become the preferred artform for the opinionated meme obsessed. Whether the cars are meandering the Mall of America parking complex, or stuck on I-94 EB at 4:15 on a Friday, in January, bumper sticker artists know they’ll have a very captive audience. 

Funny or “shock and awe” messaging will almost always get noticed right away, but does the message have a positive or negative emotional trigger? Angering people already stuck in traffic doesn’t exactly open the forum of free exchange in ideas and communication.

That being said, honorably use positive emotions with your campaign bumper stickers instead of smearing the competition or screaming about the darkness of humanity. In a world where it is easy and encouraged to be anti-Trump or anti-Biden, stay classy with your own messaging. 

Focus your bumper sticker slogan on positive solutions to the problems you want to solve.

Chapter #5: Bonus: Impact young people with stickers

Civics lessons

Stickers can easily attract interest in younger people and get them involved in civil activities. They may just be our next “Greatest Generation”’. It is a good thing for future generations to care about their community!

And it is admirable to stand your ground and hold fast to your principles. Having convictions (not the prison kind) is key.

Whatever your political leanings are, you can easily follow these low tech sticker guidelines to have a cool and classy campaign run.

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