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Custom Floor Decals

Put your floor space to work with a custom floor decal from decals.com! Use floor decals to advertise new products or an upcoming promotion. Or use them to direct your customers to specific areas of your store. Either way, these decals are a great way to display your design, logo or promotional offering at your customers' feet!

Custom Floor Decal
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Design Methods

Design from Scratch

Design from Scratch

With our easy to use online designer, you can quickly design your custom floor decal. Just upload an image or logo from your computer, or choose from our wide selection of clipart to create your personalized floor decal.

Upload a File

Upload a File

If you decide to upload an original file, instead of designing your own, you will need to upload an .eps file. This ensures that you will receive the highest quality floor decal possible! Once you have added your product to your cart and select your shipping method, a proof will be emailed to you. When you approve your proof and make a payment, your order will be complete.


All floor decals must be paid up front prior to being put into production. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. We also accept checks, which must be received prior to your floor decals being put into production.

Live Order Tracking

Back in the early days of making decals, we built a system called Live Order Tracking that enables our customers to track their order through every stage of our streamlined process, from order placement to delivery.

Live Order Tracking Icons

After placing your order for floor decals, you’ll receive a unique Live Order Tracking number via email that will allow you to track your floor decals every step of the way. Need the current status of your order? Just click the link in the email and get the most recent updates from our dynamic Live Order Tracking system.

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Turnaround Time


At Decals.com, we offer flexible production time ranges for you to choose from. Because it's important for you to have ultimate control over your order, our production times range from one to five business days. This allows you to make the final decision on when you need to order.

3 Day Standard This is our most popular fast turnaround option. Free and fast enough for most custom orders.
1 Day Priority Timelines can be tight. That's why we offer this speedy option.
2 Day Express Have an extra day, but still need it quickly? Express is for you.
5 Day Saver If you aren't in a hurry, you can save some money by choosing our 5 Day Saver option.

Please note: the time it will take to receive your product includes the production time as well as shipping time.


Our centralized production facility allows for shipping within 2–4 business days to 90% of the United States. Unless otherwise specified, at the time of ordering, your floor decals will be shipped via UPS Ground. If you have any questions about shipping rates or rush production, please contact customer service at (320) 965-5000 prior to ordering.

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Die Cut Floor Decals VS. Kiss Cut Floor Decals

The main differences between these two cut options, comes down to the paper backing on each decal.

Die-Cut decal


Die-cut means that we are cutting through both the vinyl decal material and the paper backing. This cut type doesn't leave any material around the floor decal. Another way to look at it is to think of it like a "cookie cutter." Your decals are all individually cut out to the contour of your design, so you have individually cut decals with no paper material around the design.

* Please note, back slit (crack and peel) is only available on decals 3" x 3" up to 12" x 12". *

Kiss Cut Decal


Kiss-cut means we are only cutting through the vinyl layer ("decal material") and not cutting through the paper backing, leaving a paper material border around your decal. When you choose a kiss-cut decal, you will have extra material around your decal for easy peeling.



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Stop your customers in their tracks with custom floor decals from Decals.com! You can add any imagery, text, or color to your floor decals to help increase branding and awareness for your business or event. They work great for advertising a promotional sale, directing customer traffic, or use them at a wedding or other celebratory event to add a little fun to your floor.

Floor decals are printed on a non-slip adhesive vinyl material to ensure safety for your customers or guests when placed in high-traffic areas. These custom decals apply smooth, are slip-resistant, are chemical, water, and scuff resistant and they won’t damage your flooring or leave any sticky residue behind when you are ready to remove them.

Why Choose Decals.com?

Customer Service

Our customer service is 100% in-house and comprised of friendly, professional graphic designers.

Fast Turnaround

Standard turnaround time ships your product within three business days.


Free Shipping

We offer free ground shipping on all orders $99 or more. Expedited shipping methods available.

Track Your Order

Track your order, every step of the way, with our proprietary live order tracking system.

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Product Information

What material is used for your floor decals?

Our custom floor decals are made out of a 3.4 mil calendered vinyl material with a removable adhesive that is easy to apply and displays visually appealing graphics and text.

Can I use multiple colors, fonts and images in my design?

Yes! We digitally print all of our decals in full color to allow you to choose as many colors, text, and images that you want at no additional charge.

The only time color will affect your price is if you request a color match proof. If you need a color match proof, please contact us to speak with one of our friendly customer service reps!

Do your floor decals have a glossy or matte finish?

Our Floor decals come in a matte finish only.

Are your floor decals repositionable?

We do not recommend trying to reposition our decals after installation. While they will remove cleanly if you take them off, reapplying them will likely be unsuccessful since the adhesive is only designed for single installations.

How large can a floor decal be?

We have a max print width of 48” and a max print height of 120”. Anything larger than 48” wide will require your decal to be printed in panels.

Can my floor decal be contour cut?

Yes it can! Your custom floor decal can be contour cut to the shape of your design, allowing you to cut out any shape you would like. 

Common Uses

What are some common uses for floor decals?

Floor decals are used in a variety of ways and are applicable in a variety of settings. Some of the more common uses we see are businesses using them for advertising, branding, or promoting a current sale. They are also used for direction signage to help customers navigate a large showroom or help bring safety and awareness to an industrial or manufacturing setting. Other common settings you may see these decals being used at are gymnasiums, hospitals, trade shows and weddings.

What surface can these decals be placed on?

Floor decals are intended to be used on any non-porous floor surface to allow proper adhesion. This will ensure that you get maximum life out of your custom decal.

Will the decals ruin my floor?

No! Our floor decals come with a removable acrylic adhesive that when removed will not damage your floor or leave any sticky residue behind.

How to Apply Vinyl Decals

Decals are a great way to add a unique touch to many spaces and surfaces. Whether you plan to display your new decal on your car, laptop, living-room wall, or anywhere else, proper installation is crucial for creating a strong bond that lasts long and looks great. That's why we've put together this guide that teaches you how to apply decals in just six easy steps.

Decal Application | Step 1

Step 1:

Tools Needed

Scissors Paper Towels
Masking Tape Tape Measure
Plastic Applicator Squeegee or Credit Card Warm Water or Other Common Household Cleaning Item
Decal Application | Step 2

Step 2:

Clean the Surface

The first order of business before you apply your decal is to make sure the surface is clean and dry. Any dirt, debris, or moisture can weaken the adhesion. Use warm water and soap, rubbing alcohol, or other common household items for a good clean. Be sure to wipe away any left-over cleaning product or residue with a dry cloth before moving on to the next step.

Decal Application | Step 3

Step 3:

Tape & Measure

Before you peel away the backing, tape your decal down on the surface where you intend to apply it. Measure and adjust to make sure it is centered and straight.

Decal Application | Step 4

Step 4:

Apply a Tape Hinge

Run a long piece of tape across the top of the decal to form a hinge to allow for easy peeling away of the decals paper backing.


Decal Application | Step 5

Step 5:

Remove the Transfer Film from the Backing

Slowly peel away the transfer film from the white backing.  For larger decals, it may be best to peel away the first portion and apply the decal to the surface as you peel away the rest of the backing. With smaller decals, you can peel away the entire backing.

Decal Application | Step 6

Step 6:

Apply the Decal to the Surface

While holding the bottom end of the decal away from the surface. At the top of the decal, apply pressure with a plastic applicator squeegee or credit card. Start from the center of the decal and, with a scraping-like motion, work your way outward left to right, working your way down the decal.

Decal Application | Step 7

Step 7:


Your decal has been succesfully placed on its intended surface, enjoy!

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