What are Custom Labels, Stickers, and Decals?

custom labels on products

What is a label?

Labels are generally used to either identify or inform the customer about your product. They usually contain a logo or graphic, and information to give a better description of the product. 

Ordinary labels are intended to be placed on an item of a specific size (i.e. mason jar lid measuring 3 inches.) or for a specific purpose (i.e. packaging label or food product label).

Our custom labels have a strong adhesive.

Our labels are non-laminated, providing a semi-gloss finish once the inks are applied.

We offer many predetermined sizes for specialized label usage as well as custom options. Our custom labels can be cut into any shape you require, as long as they fall within our print specifications.

What is a sticker?

Stickers, in general, are more artistic in their design. (i.e. pictures, logos, or illustrations) and usually, are not intended for a specific end destination. Custom stickers also use their size and shapes as part of the design elements. 

They are individually cut whereas a label is generally placed on a roll or a sheet for easy peeling and placement.  In short, vinyl stickers are intended to be decorative or used for promotional purposes.

Our stickers have a 3–5 year outdoor durability, allowing colors to stay bright and crisp, even on a bumper sticker..

Our stickers are available in either a glossy or matte finish.

All of our stickers are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. They are coated with water and UV-resistant lamination that allows for up to five years of continuous outdoor usage.

To begin, align your sticker and affix it into place with a strip of masking tape running down the center.

  1. Peel the transfer tape away from the paper backing until you reach the masking tape hinge and cut the backing off with scissors.
  2. Gently press the transfer tape down onto the application surface, slowly working out from the center.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to apply the opposite end of your transfer sticker.
  4. Firmly press down on the transfer sticker to ensure that it is fully applied.
  5. Peel the transfer tape off, leaving your transfer sticker affixed to the application surface.


Congratulations, you have applied your transfer sticker.


Yes, we offer full-color digitally-printed transfer stickers, though we are more than happy to provide solid color transfer stickers as well.

What is a decal?

By definition, a vinyl decal is a transfer of an image from one medium/sheet to another. Decals are typically more artistic in their design than stickers. They are made in much larger formats, and usually come in multiple pieces that can be adjusted accordingly.  

Decals are intended to be used permanently or for longer periods of time than a sticker or a label. To increase their lifespan, we only use high-quality vinyl materials. We also add a weatherproof lamination to protect your decal from the elements. 

These features add durability to your custom vinyl decal. This  keeps the imagery and color brighter and sharper for a longer period of time.

Our floor decals are made with a matte vinyl with a removable adhesive. We offer both short-term and long-term options for multiple types of events.

Our perforated window decals are made of an adhesive-backed vinyl with two variations of perforation density:

  • 50:50 : This ratio of perforation is D.O.T. approved and is suitable for vehicle application.
  • 70:30 : This ratio allows for more of the material to be printed on. It reduces visibility through the material; thus, this is only recommended for building windows (such as storefronts.)

Our wall decals are made with a polyester-based material with a low-adhesive backing. You can remove it residue free for up to one year, when properly installed and maintained.

Vinyl lettering typically consists of individual letters cut from an adhesive-backed vinyl. It is pre-masked with transfer tape for easy application.