12 Creative Logo Uses You've Never Thought Of

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Decals.com Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered why the shopping list is always stuck on the fridge?

Is it because the refrigerator door is a spot of habit, or just convenience?

People use the same logical approach when deciding where to put their logos, too. But then that means that everyone’s logos are all in the same places!

I’ve made this sweet little list of creative logo uses so you can turn everyday things into great advertising space!

Let’s launch right in!

1. Light your brand on fire


Fire is a basic human need.

Lighters display oodles of custom logos, but what about the flames that come out of them? 

Just like chokes on a shotgun, you could design a flame-cutter, like a cookie cutter, that outlines your logo every time someone lights up. 

Take that Big Tobacco!

2. Use aquatic marketing materials

Pool water

You could add your logo to bodies of water. Offer to co-sponsor backyard pool contracts for the small fee of putting your logo on the pool floor. Someone could totally see that from an airplane. 

The pristine blue water will help magnify the logo. Bonus if you own an airport bar. 

Use the crosswind runway to your advantage and suddenly every backyard near Minneapolis-St. Paul International will soon have a watery business card!

3. Rent the moon!

Rent the moon

You can buy a star as a gift for someone you really like, so why not offer a certain agency some moola to rent the moon for your custom logo design. 

Let the engineers and the oddly mysterious Space Force hammer out the nitty gritty. That would definitely be a game changer though, especially for a QR code and logo. 

Scan the moon for 15% off!

4. Market to drone traffic

Drone sunset

Logos are plastered all over car windows and doors, but rarely appear on the roof. That is unused ad space!

Airplanes usually fly too high for passengers to notice car-roof logos, but nowadays every kid and his hamster has a drone. 

That being said, this ad space is ideal for pizza joints, theme parks, action figure and comic book stores and tame fireworks outlets—you know, kids stuff.

5. Tattoo barnyard animals

Thug chickens

Cattle are already branded, and eggshells are stamped with dye, but what about goats, chickens, rabbits and ducks? 

You could totally henna tattoo farm animals with your logo. Henna is a semi-permanent dye, so if your logo changes, no problem. 

Bonus: foxes probably won’t mess with thug chickens.

6. Snow Angel-tisements

Snow Angel Ad

Create large snow angel advertisements to cover the bleak expanse we lovingly call the snow-covered prairie. Advertise to the snowbirds as they fly (flee) to balmy Florida and Palm Springs!

Places like Siberia and Minnesota get a lot of snow and it can stick around November through May. That’s a lot of time to advertise!

7. Toilet decals

Toilet decal

No one likes spending unexpected time with the toilet — and especially not the plunger. EWW. But it happens. 

Get your business noticed in unsightly situations by creating a logo decal for toilet bowls and  plunger handles — bonus if you run a plumbing business! Oh,and emoji stickers would also work well for this.Think about it.

8. Use clouds

Cloud logo

If you can rent the moon, then you should be able to buy cloud-space. No, not the SkyNet type internet Cloud. I mean the physical puffy white and gray sky art. 

A lot of people already see things in the clouds, so use it to your advantage as a natural logo generator!

Clouds are also perfect for regional marketing campaigns because they slowly move across the states, giving many potential customers a chance to see, scan and order!

9. Hedge your logo

Hedge your bench

Perhaps you live on a lovely lane in the countryside that’s teeming with vibrant green hedges!  Or maybe you just have a nicely landscaped yard. 

Whatever the case, you can hire a gardener that is surgical with a hedge clipper and have them insert your logo right into the plant wall. It is sure to be noticed in a non-invasive way.

10. Your logo (on) rocks

Painted rocks

Don’t kick rocks; paint rocks! Stones are everywhere, so hire some artistic neighborhood kids to doodle your logo on rocks for a penny each. 

Teach discipline, hard work and you get yourself a fairly inexpensive graphics team.

11. Bake delicious logo pretzels 

Bakes logo goods

Who the heck hates pretzels? Hardly anyone! Design custom shaped snacks that reflect your logo design. 

Offer them for a dollar or two at county fairs or Farmers Markets. Everyone needs to eat. 

12. "Yard circles"

Lawn mower for yard circles

Crop circles get a lot of attention, but most people don’t own cornfields or know any ETs. The good news, though, is that you don’t need to be a professional designer to mow yard circles.

You don’t even have to be sneaky about it and the local news will be all over your front yard. HELLO, PUBLICITY. 

All you need is a lawn mower with sharp blades, a little strategy and lots of patience. Maybe get some bug spray, too!

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