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Creative Logo Uses

Rent The Moon!

By Naomi J. Golbeck, Decals.com Staff


People put magnets and stickers on their refrigerator for the most boring, mundane reasons. They think that they must go there because it's the appliance with the largest surface space, and the shopping list needs to be near the food because, I guess food can read? Be different for gosh sakes, try a toaster oven decal sometime, oh and make it pop.

The same logic usually applies to your custom logos. They get slapped on car windows all of the time, but not so much on the roof. How are the drones supposed to find you? You know, to deliver you the food that can read. 

Your logo isn’t just brand identity, it’s also a character in a story, so use it in new and interesting ways! You’ve heard of long-tail keywords (I went there, Google!), but what about the long-tail logo ideas? You’re about to find out.


Elemental, But Unusual Scenes

Some smart and uncommon logo design inspiration and locations come from the simplest ideas—the stuff that’s right in front of your beautiful face.


That Logo is on Fire

Take fire, a basic human need. Lighters display oodles of logos, but what about the flames that come out of them? Just like chokes on a shotgun, one could design a flame-cutter, like a cookie cutter, that outlines your logo everytime someone lights up. Take that Big Tobacco. Don’t ask me how to do this, I’m just here for inexplicable ideas.


Cool Pools and Planes

You could use bodies of water. Offer to co-sponsor backyard pool contracts for the small fee of putting your logo on the pool floor. Someone could totally see that from an airplane. 

The pristine blue water will help magnify the logo. Bonus if you own the bar near Gate G9. See? That’s planning. 

Use the crosswind runway to your advantage and suddenly every backyard near Minneapolis-St. Paul International will have a watery business card.


Rent the Moon!

You can buy a star as a gift for someone you really like, so why not offer a certain agency some moola to rent the moon for your custom logo design. Talk about a transparent background. Again, inexplicable idea generator right here. 

Let the engineers and the oddly mysterious Space Force hammer out the nitty gritty. That would definitely be a game changer though, especially for a QR code and logo. Scan the moon for 15% off!


Drones Are Our Friends

As mentioned before, using the roof of a vehicle to advertise is smart and would be even better if everyone had hover cars. Soon enough. Airplanes usually fly too high for passengers to notice roof logos, but nowadays every kid and his hamster has a drone. 

That being said, this ad space is ideal for pizza joints, theme parks, action figure and comic book stores and tame fireworks outlets—you know, kids stuff.


Barnyard Animals

Talk about low-hanging fruit! Cattle are already branded, that’s an easy one, but what about goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks and the like? I’m not suggesting anyone apply QR code stickers to their chickens wings, we don’t quite have an adhesive for that, yet. 

And though chicken stickering would probably trend on YouTube, I’m not aiming to ruffle any PETA feathers. 

But you could totally henna tattoo them with your logo. Henna is a semi-permanent dye, so if your logo changes, no problem. It seems a little more humane than a hot branding iron. 

I would love to be a fly on the wall for the phone call with your graphic designer,”Hey Jerry, I’m trying to design a creative logo that I’m gonna tattoo on my chickens. Any thoughts?”


Designer Snow

There are some Godforsaken places on Earth that deal with something quite terrible called snow. Places like Siberia and Minnesota get a lot of it and it stays for much of the year. These lands are sieged with endless blank, white, wet evil. On the upside, however, that sounds a lot like natures’ paper to me! 

Design a logo for that bleak expanse we lovingly call the snow-covered prairie and give us something colorful to look at from November-May. Entertain the snowbirds as they flee to Florida and Palm Springs. There is so much unused ad space to market to airplane goers. Mind-boggling. 

Add some tatted up Guinea chickens to complete the landscape. The added bonus is that foxes probably won’t mess with thug chickens.



Creative logo uses are as limited as your grasp on reality, I mean normalcy. Think of household items as unused ad space, like dust bunnies, or toilet plungers. Dual-purpose the snot out of unsightly, but needful items. I have even heard of a super cute decal application squeegee able to host a logo or two.  One more thing, I don’t know how literate beef cows are, or even how to measure that, but they sure are tasty.