How to Remove a Decal: A Step-by-Step Little Guide

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By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

How the heck do you remove your decal, am I right? Well, I have a step-by-step solution for you! All you need is a few basic household items, a minute or two and you’ll be all good.

Let’s get started!

Step One: Gather your tools:

  • Hair dryer or heat source
  • Hard plastic item of your choice (we recommend using an adorable yellow squeegee)
  • *Optional residue remover like a warm soapy cloth (you may not need this).*

Step Two: Heat adhesive

Plug in your hairdryer, and set it on medium heat. Too much heat could cause harm to the surface that you’re trying to remove your decal from.

Heat up the decal.

Step Three: Begin to peel

Once the adhesive is heated, it will become quite pliable. At this point, you can begin to peel it from the surface. No need to rip off a band-aid, be gentle. Completely remove the decal.

Step Four: Clean off any residue if you have to

If there is residue, a simple warm, soapy cloth will work to wipe it off.

Step Five: Enjoy your clean surface!

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