How to Use Now Hiring Stickers: A Simple Guide

Apply Within Stickers

By: Naomi J. Myrick, Staff Writer

Today I'm going to show you how to hire employees by simply using stickers. This guide will help you stand out In a world of “help wanted” signage EVERYWHERE.

In this guide you’ll find out how you can easily use custom stickers to:

  • Attract job applicants (and job candidates).
  • Save money. 
  • Save time.


Chapter #1: How You Can Use Now Hiring Humor as Targeted Messaging

Help wanted


You should try using catchy phrases like, “We’re Still Now Hiring” or “Please, for the love of God, apply!” or if it fits ,“We don’t care if you drink beer at home after work. Apply Within. Tactical honesty can gain application traction, and also attract a sense of humor. After all, nobody likes working with a Negative Ned or Nancy.

Freely incorporate desired employee qualities by adding friendly lingo like, “Hiring! Sense of humor required & encouraged, apply now!”  

Wait and see who applies!

Chapter #2: How to Inexpensively Advertise Job Openings

Pennies on a dollar

Stickers are an inexpensive way to advertise for just about anything, even for job openings. The internet can be intimidating, particularly for the elderly and super young. So, online job board postings aren't universally accessible or understandable. 
Sticker marketing that targets potential job applicants casts a wide net that everyone can see.

Job postings aren’t cheap, either, not financially or in terms of sweat equity; it takes time and brain power to develop an enticing job ad. 

These websites also charge employers fees for the listings, just like old-timey newspapers!  And to boot, the actual internet bill is rarely incorporated into those costs.

Chapter #3: How to Get More Applicants Using More Stickers

Job search binoculars

Use inviting window stickers outside, or wall stickers inside the shop to attract high quality applicants. On the go, delivery businesses can benefit from custom car sticker job advertisements while still making money. Networking opportunities are endless. 

At Job Fairs, you can place mini-water bottles in an ice bucket atop the exhibit table. Easily market job openings or internships with hydration by slapping logo stickers onto the water bottles. Afterall, everyone needs hydration. 

You could also use QR code stickers to bring applicants to the online job descriptions or business profiles.

Drop a few “help needed” stickers into to-go bags. Scavengers will readily eat scraps, but those interested in substance however, are looking for the whole picnic—the dream job. 

Extra touches may just attract the extra hard worker.

In closing (and we hope you don’t have to)

Let’s be honest, the days of hiring on the spot without an FBI background check and drug tests are gone. 

Even if that’s sad but true, you can still try to maintain your company culture by hiring the right people for the right job. It will just be a little more difficult. 

But you do need to hire, and SO many people are job seeking right now. That’s not exactly a match made in Heaven (or Hell) per se, but let’s see if we can’t help each other out.

Unconventional situations can create new inventions. Please share if this was helpful, or could be helpful to someone you know!