A Fun Bumper Sticker Design Guide


Bumper sticker on car


By: Naomi J. Golbeck, Decals.com Staff Writer

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to create fun bumper sticker designs. I have plenty of ideas already, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

These are the three sections we will cover:

  • Method
  • Madness
  • Ideas

Let’s get started!





Method graphic


The best way to begin your design process is really just to think of stuff that you like. Sports, animals, snacks etc. Determine a political or social cause that you have a heart for. Once you have your theme pegged down, it’s time to come up with some colors and graphics ideas. 

You know what you want to say, the next thing to do is to figure out how to say it.



Mad smiley faces

You haven’t actually gone mad, but there is a fine line between madness and genius — in art and other things. So, it’s perfectly acceptable to toe the line. Create the beast that you want to.

Bumper stickers are the unique space to say exactly what you want at highway speeds as well as surreptitiously — in a parking lot . Outside of a rare violent road rage incident, promoting your causes generally won’t result in much more trouble than a keyed car. Shrug. So let your creative hounds loose and see what they do!


Fun Bumper Sticker Ideas


Light bulbs


It’s an ideal time for some ideas. Take note, steal or create your own custom variation.



Bumper sticker on a Bentley (or of a Bentley)


Bumper sticker on a Bentley

But uh, you’d need a Bentley and they’re fairly uncommon even among the rich and famous. But what you could do is make a bumper sticker that looks like a Bentley! It will be ironic.



Inside Jokes


Horses in a trailer laughing

This works best in a small town, and / or on hand-me-down teenager vehicles. It’s still fun though to feel connected driving around after or before school. Some advice though? Keep it classy, keep it clean.


1990s TV Sitcom Catchphrases applicable to driving


Catchphrase bumper sticker


“You got it, dude.”

“Oh, mylanta.”

“We’re not worthy!”

“Did I do that?”

“The truth is out there.”


Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge


Chevy girl bumper sticker

Just remember that you chose to cross this line. Any parking lot, freeway or other banter is your responsibility.


Violent Stick People


Stick people bumper sticker

Ya know those “adorable” stick people family decals? This ain’t it. Think darker.


Christmas with… Evil robot Santa!


Evil robot santa


Embrace the truth. You’ll either have to fight them or join them, so stiff upper lip, it’s time to pick a team.


Monty Python Bunny - Year of The Rabbit


Kitty bumper sticker

Has this year left you seriously wondering, ”Who has the grenade?!?”Time to make a bumper sticker to reflect your confusion and angst.


Holidays that don’t really matter


National Donut Day bumper sticker





Shape sticker on bumper

Squares are so passé’. Try an octagon or right-angled trapezoid. Modern art is basically just interest without reason anyhow.


Historical Sticker Busts


Aristotile bumper sticker

Socrates, Aristotle, Jefferson. Don’t think big, think legendary.