How to Apply a Large Die-Cut Decal

Are you having trouble with your decal application or just not sure how to proceed? Whether you’re looking for car decal application instructions, or just want to learn how to apply a vinyl decal, don’t worry, we have an easy to follow guide! 

Decal Application | Step 1

Step 1:

Tools Needed

Scissors Paper Towels
Masking Tape Tape Measure

Plastic Applicator Squeegee or Credit Card

Warm Water or Other Common Household Cleaning Item
Decal Application | Step 2

Step 2:

Clean the Surface

Clean the surface. Smooth, non-porous, surfaces work best like glass, metal, painted dry-wall and tile. Thoroughly clean the area and remember to avoid using glass cleaner because it might leave some residue. Make certain the surface is dry.

Decal Application | Step 3

Step 3:


Use masking tape to temporarily adhere to intended surface and as a “hinge”.

Decal Application | Step 3

Step 4:

Measure and Level

Use line of text as a place to measure from - so it’s level.

Decal Application | Step 4

Step 5:

Peel and Cut

Peel and cut off the bottom half of the decal backing.

Decal Application | Step 5

Step 6:

Apply the Decal to the Surface

Using a decal application squeegee, press and apply decal to intended surface in a back-and-forth pattern.  If you do not have a decal application squeegee, then you can use a small flat object  with a hard edge like a credit card, your wallet, or a pack of post-it notes.


Decal Application | Step 6

Step 7: Remove Tape Hinge

Gently remove masking tape “hinge”.

Decal Application | Step 7

Step 8:


Peel and remove the upper half of the decal backing.

Decal Application | Step 8

Step 9:

Press and Apply

Using a decal application squeegee, or small flat, sharp edged tool of your choice, press and apply the decal to the surface in the same back and forth motion as before. 


Decal Application | Step 9

Step 10:


Now, stand back and admire your job well done! Enjoy!

Some things to consider when applying our decals:

Surface Texture

Our decals work best when applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic, painted drywall, stainless steel and tile.

In fact, when properly applied and maintained, our vinyl decals can have a great lifespan. Standard Vinyl could last up to 3-5 years and our high-performance vinyl up to 8 years.

We do not recommend placing our decals on brick or other porous, rough surfaces.


Room temperature or 60 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for vinyl decal application. 

This is probably the average temperature of most homes, but keep this in mind when applying car window decals in a garage or outdoors.

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