Oil Change Stickers

Air fresheners and oil change stickers seem to always be present in just about every vehicle. One could even argue that service reminders are almost as common as license plates. Almost. As far as window stickers go, these are benign enough to serve as a little maintenance reminder without being obnoxious.

Service stickers are a discreet but fantastic way to spread the word about you and your business around the community. Our stickers are printed in full color on premium vinyl. Creating your own sticker is simple using our online design tool.

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Design Methods

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Design from Scratch

With our easy to use online designer, you can quickly design your custom window cling. Just upload an image or logo from your computer or choose from our wide selection of clipart to create your personalized window cling.

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Upload a File

If you decide to upload an original file, instead of designing your own, you will need to upload an .eps file. This ensures that you will receive the highest quality window cling possible! Once you have added your product to your cart and select your shipping method, a proof will be emailed to you. When you approve your proof and make a payment, your order will be complete.


All window cling orders must be paid up front prior to being put into production. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. We also accept checks, which must be received prior to your clings being put into production. 

Live Order Tracking

Back in the early days of making decals, we built a system called Live Order Tracking that enables our customers to track their order through every stage of our streamlined process, from order placement to delivery.

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After placing your order for window clings, you’ll receive a unique Live Order Tracking number via email that will allow you to track your window clings every step of the way. Need the current status of your order? Just click the link in the email and get the most recent updates from our dynamic Live Order Tracking system.

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Window Cling Cut Options

Window clings are available in two different cut options. See below for more information on which cut option works best for you.

Die-Cut decal


Die-cut means that we are cutting through both the vinyl decal material and the paper backing. This cut type doesn't leave any material around the decal. Another way to look at it is to think of it like a "cookie cutter." Your decals are all individually cut out to the contour of your design, so you have individually cut decals with no paper material around the design.

* Please note, back slit (crack and peel) is only available on decals 3" x 3" up to 12" x 12". * If selected on sizes larger than 12" x 12" your decals will not be backslit

Kiss Cut Decal


Kiss-cut means we are only cutting through the vinyl layer ("decal material") and not cutting through the paper backing, leaving a paper material border around your decal. When you choose a kiss-cut decal, you will have extra material around your decal for easy peeling.

Create Your Product

Window Cling Artwork Specification

Preferred Files for Printing

Clear Decal & Window Cling Guidelines

  • Vector artwork is required: EPS and PDF
  • Please indicate the cut line clearly for all decal products

When submitting these files, make sure you convert all fonts to outlines or curves to ensure they print correctly and the fonts are not substituted. 

File Tips

  • Set up size proportionate to the exact size product you are ordering 
  • Convert all text to outlines 
  • Only Allow for bleed if necessary
  • Never flatten/merge layers in a PSD file
  • Indicate the cut line clearly for all decal products

Vector Art

Vector art consists of lines and curves that are mathematically defined objects. When viewing art in key line mode you can see the points or vectors when connecting your lines and curves. They can also be seen when using the pen tool or editing the points along a path. Vector art is ideal for type and drawn shapes because they can be enlarged to any size while maintaining crisp outlines and details without sacrificing quality. The distance between the vectors is calculated mathematically and is not dependent upon resolution. 

Raster Art

Raster images consist of colored squares, called pixels. They are created by combining a series of various colored pixels. Digital photographs are made up of pixels. If you view a raster image at 200% or more you are able to see the individual pixels that make up the image. Raster images are dependent upon resolution so image enlargement is limited by the individual size at which the file was created. If a file is produced at a size that is larger than its resolution will allow, the quality will decrease. Printing a low resolution file will result in pixelation. Individual pixels are large enough to be easily discernable. Increasing the resolution will not solve this problem is there are not enough pixels to begin with. The program will add more pixels based upon the estimation of their location and will then assign their neighboring pixels's color value. This may cause an image to look muddy. 

If submitting these files, please follow the guidelines below:

  • 100% scale (full size output) at 100 dpi
  • 50% scale at 200 dpi or higher
  • 25% scale at 300 dpi or higher
  • 10% scale at 600-1200 dpi recommended

Design Services

If you are not able to provide us with a print ready artwork, our art department would be able to recreate your artwork in vector format for printing. Most logos or images can be recreated for and additional cost, which depends on the difficulty of your design. Artwork design service discounts may apply. Please contact a customer service representative today for more details.

This service needs to be paid for in advance of us printing your order. We will keep your recreated vector artwork on file for you to use on all future orders.

Releasing the recreated vector artwork to you for personal use can be done for an additional cost.


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  • You can expect your Decals.com order to arrive within 2 - 4 business days (after production time) to 90% of the United States.
  • Unless otherwise specified, at the time of ordering, your window clings will ship via UPS Ground.
  • If you have any questions about shipping rates or rush production, please contact our friendly Customer Service Representatives at (320) 391-5250 prior to ordering.
  • You will receive a tracking number once your package has shipped.
  • To read more about our shipping information visit our shipping policy page.

Shipping Methods:

  • Economy (5-15 Days)
  • Standard (3-5 Business Days)
  • Three Day (3 Business Days)
  • Two Day (2 Business Days)
  • Overnight (1 Business Day)

Important Economy Shipping Notes:

  • If choosing economy shipping, please include additional postal information such as your P.O. Box in the "Address Two" field on the checkout page to help ensure delivery.
  • Using economy shipping can also add an additional 5 - 10 days, depending on where the package is being shipped to. 

National and International Shipping Notes:

  • Decals.com ships throughout the United States and Internationally.
  • All international shipments must have shipping labels as well as customs documentation provided by the customers. We will only accept international shipping labels from the following carriers, USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
  • Contact a Customer Service Representative at (320) 391-5250 for more information.

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How to Apply Vinyl Decals

Decals are a great way to add a unique touch to many spaces and surfaces. Whether you plan to display your new decal on your car, laptop, living-room wall, or anywhere else, proper installation is crucial for creating a strong bond that lasts long and looks great. That's why we've put together this guide that teaches you how to apply decals in just six easy steps.

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An auto service reminder sticker is very important to the longevity of vehicles. We all get busy and forget to do things that we probably should, like take vitamins and keep up with engine maintenance. That is what reminders are for! These stickers also serve as little business cards on your customers' car windows. Even if they occasionally cheat on you with another auto repair shop, other people will surely notice your unique reminder stickers. Think of these stickers as dual purpose advertising tools.

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Product Information

What materials are these stickers made from?

For your oil change reminder stickers, we have two vinyl material possibilities. When properly applied and maintained, either option works great. You can choose to print your stickers on either 4 mil transparent or 4 mil white vinyl material that is designed for both interior and exterior applications. This unique material comes with the option to choose either a front low tack adhesive or a low-tack back adhesive option, giving you more control on how you want to apply this sticker to your window or other intended surfaces.

Can I use many different colors, fonts, and images in my design?

We print all of our oil change stickers digitally, so you have a wide range of typefaces, colors, and images to choose from. The only time color will have an impact on your price is if you request a color match proof. Please contact us to speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives if you'd like a color match proof!

What finishing options are available on these stickers?

Our custom oil change stickers do not come with a finish option like gloss or matte.

What shapes are available?

We have square, oval, rectangle, and round oil change sticker templates available. We also offer custom die-cut stickers if you want something a little more unique in shape.

What surfaces can I place my oil change stickers on?

These stickers can be placed on any smooth, non-porous surface like windshield glass or car windows. Not looking for an oil change sticker? Order custom car graphics to place or wrap on your vehicle for optimal branding and exposure.

What do you recommend for removing these stickers?

We suggest using a heat source such as a heat gun or blow dryer to loosen the adhesive grip. Do not concentrate the heat in one area for more than a few seconds, because this could damage certain surfaces if it gets too hot. If any residue or debris is left behind, then you can use warm soapy water or a light cleaning product to remove it.

Are oil change stickers waterproof?

Oil change stickers are equipped with a weather-resistant laminate that makes them scratch, UV, and water-resistant. They are intended to live on the inside of car windows, but are durable enough to withstand all weather conditions, including UV, rain, and snow.

What is the minimum number of stickers I can order?

The minimum order is one perfect single sticker and the maximum order quantity is 10,000. We’re sure you can work within those parameters.

Are oil change stickers the same as static clings?

Our stickers are made with a removable adhesive material, not static cling material. Static clings use static to, well, cling, while our product uses an adhesive like a traditional sticker or decal.

Will these stickers hurt my window glass?

No. The removable sticker adhesive is designed to be removed cleanly, without leaving any residue if properly installed and cared for.

Common Uses

What are some common uses for oil change stickers?

Our custom oil change stickers are commonly used for oil change reminder stickers as well as general car maintenance reminders. They also get your logo and contact information out and about, being shared all around town, just riding on car windows. Mostly, though, these stickers are intended to retain repeat business for your auto shop—and even add some new business, too!

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